Dob frisbee - 19.09. (Latvia, Riga)

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Dob frisbee - 19.09. (Latvia, Riga)

PostitusPostitas eldberg » 30 Juun 2015 10:22

The biggest dog frisbee event of the year in Baltics.

When: 19.09. (rain reserve 20.09.)
Where: Uzvaras bulvāris 20, Rīga. ( ) behind the monument

1) Pitch&go = 22.5m field (Throw anything except discs; plush toys, sticks etc; balls are not best choice!)
2) Roll class = 22.5m field (rolling discs)
3) Progress class = 22.5m field (for novice dogs; top 5 in final, final does no count qualification round results)
4) Super Pro Toss&Fetch = 45m field (2 rounds)
5) Bullseye = 7m ring (1-2 discs)
6) Distance for men and women - top 5 (persons, not dogs! if you qualify with 2, you have to chose 1 dog for final) qualify (90 sec to make up to 3 throws) for finals;finals = 2 throws, last one counts! Final results only count (previous results do no count!). All dog discs allowed! (dog can run in front for 10m before throw)

Registration from end of July.

Entry fee (for one dog, all disciplines):
Restringing online and paying via bank transfer = 10 EUR (paying on site + 2 EUR)
for one discipline: 3 EUR (paying on site +2 EUR)
For each one owners dog (if he/she starts) : 50% discount (0.5 EUR will be rounded up to full euro)
Foreign participants - contact for discounts (we know that you have to pay for the road!)

Discipline winner will get cups. 2-3rd place medals. Diplomas for participation.
Puppies will get extra diplomas (if there is sufficient number of entries) un

Postitusi: 2
Liitunud: 30 Juun 2015 10:19

Re: Dob frisbee - 19.09. (Latvia, Riga)

PostitusPostitas eldberg » 01 Juun 2017 14:19

Latvian Dog frisbee calendar for 2017:
More info:

We are still searching for anyone from Estonia ;)

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